Sunday, November 30, 2008

Auto Insurance, Car Covers and Lower Premiums

In the auto insurance industry, one of the biggest factors that help auto insurance clients attain lower auto insurance premiums is to have their car installed or put security gadgets and extra protective accessories and gadgets.

Insurance group ranks Lewiston as sixth safest among small towns

Lewiston has made another list of best cities to live in, this time for being safe and secure, prosperous and healthy. The rankings prepared by the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies put Lewiston at No.

11 Strangest Insurance Claims

Insurance on your car, insurance on your life - these are the two types of insurance 95% of the working world is familiar with.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Insurance Assurance

I'VE BEEN SHOPPING around for insurance lately, and it has been my pleasure to be able to talk at length to insurance agents about their trade, and about what is presently concerning them.

Update with pics. Yeah. Insurance WILL be contacted I think.

Alright. So I like the idea of not contacting insurance because, really, I feel for the guy. And it really LOOKS like minor damage. And a minor accident?

Hartford Settles with California Department of Insurance

Effective July 1, 2007, Hartford Life and the California Dept. of Insurance entered into a settlement regarding discretionary clauses.

News - RSA quits life insurance business

Read source of it on the News - RSA quits life insurance business site Insurer Royal & Sun Alliance (RSA) is to sell its UK life insurance division for 850m ($1.54bn).